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I am currently having some major computer problems and I'm going to be inactive on here until i can get the problem solved. So any comments and reply's from me will be very very slow. If you want to keep in contact with me you can add me on Facebook so if you are interested please send me a note and I'll get back to you when i can with the information you need. I am using an Ipad for Facebook which is why i am more active there since its faster.
I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Welcome ^___^

Newest Art

Serena Pokemon Anime Cosplay 3 by Destiny-The-HedgimonSerena Pokemon Anime Cosplay 2 by Destiny-The-Hedgimon
Serena Pokemon Anime Cosplay by Destiny-The-HedgimonKamon/Silver Sneasel And Feraligatr Traditional by Destiny-The-Hedgimon

I can draw,sew and work with other arts and crafts.If you are interested in any of my art please check out my gallery because i have a ton of art from many different subjects,and if you are interested in rough sketches of upcoming new characters and work in progresses please take a peek at my scraps as well

No Requests by SweetDukeGifts - Friends Only by SweetDukeTrades - Friends Only by SweetDukeCollaborations - Ask Me by SweetDukePoint Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke

My Destiny Collection

When i get interested in a new fandom i ALWAYS make a Fan Character with the name Destiny.It all started when i made my first Destiny from the Sonic fandom and i have been creating them ever since


Destiny The Hedgehog With New SA Style by Destiny-The-Hedgimon
My FIRST Destiny Fan Character that started it all
More outfits coming soon


Coming Soon


Destiny With Agamon by Destiny-The-HedgimonOlder Destiny And Agamon by Destiny-The-Hedgimon

Destiny on the left is her 12 years old and on the right is her 16 years old


ORIGINAL Kanto Destiny With Bulbasaur by Destiny-The-Hedgimon Destiny And Riolu by Destiny-The-Hedgimon

Destiny's Kanto outfit is on the left and her Sinnoh outfit is on the right
Kalos outfit coming soon


DestinyTheDragon And DotTheDragonfly- My Spyro FCs by Destiny-The-Hedgimon

With her trusted partner Dot the Dragonfly


My Kingdom Hearts Destiny Fan Character by Destiny-The-Hedgimon

A Keyblade wielder and good friends with another Kingdom Hearts character named Blaine:iconkh-blainerapeface:
KeyBlade for Destiny and Blaine coming soon

My AWESOME Friends :)

Drawing made by Adolas

Totally Amazing People That I Creep On

:heart:My DeviantArt Friends:heart:


:heart:People I Know In Real Life:heart:


Wonderful People That Draw My Characters

Drawing made by Adolas

Here are AWESOME drawings of my characters that were drawn by my good friends on Deviantart or i asked for them either by a request,point commission etc.All of you did a wonderful job on drawing them and i can't thank you all enough. Dragon Destiny and Dot thanks you all for being so awesome

Sketchdump (2) : Mostly Requests by Celestrai
Request: Destiny by nohorns11Request: Destiny-The-Hedgimon by WeepingWillowx3

Icons And Animations Of My Characters



Destiny-The-Hedgimon has started a donation pool!
300 / 500

If you asked me to do a point commission or you just simply want to donate a couple points to me please donate them to Agamon.She loves points and it makes her happy to have a bunch of them.

Thank you

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Stamps About Me

Proud LEFTIE by babybluedreamsGIMP Stamp by SparkLumProud Mouse-User by AnimeGal007. DeviantART: Facebook for Artists . by EmberRelicWolfBy Me, for Me by savagebinnOriginal and Fanart Stamp by Estell-chanAll Art can be Creative Stamp by racingwolfcharacters stamp by KrisiChikithey're all equal by snazzamatazzFan Characters CAN be original by whitty-booOCxCanon Support Stamp by TrainerKelly"PLUSHIE FAN" by Cryssy-miuHomemade stuff stamp by yunniiiPerler Beads User by VhazzaSpiritBlade Danny by Rubixa-SeraphAgamon Support stamp by AdolasAdolas support stamp by NutmegFluffSupport Dugamon Stamp by Adolassupport Vaemon stamp by AdolasRequest - Chrona Stamp by Fireshire:PC: Bearlover981 stamp by Sketching-EclipseDigimon stamp by WuckoDigimon World 2 stamp by Scattered-Stampsagumon warp digivolve stamp by Heidelmeier17Gabumon warp digivolve stamp by Heidelmeier17Female Digital power stamp by LadyBeelzeLove Digimon and Pokemon Stamp by MysticomPokemon Stamp by LadyQuintessenceLugia Fan Stamp by Drake09Stamp: Rayquaza -Wut?- by SpyroOandOcynderBulbasaur Vine Whip Stamp by The-Emerald-OtterPokemon X Y Stamp by GreedLinPokemon Y stamp by ingart15Stamp: Citron XY by Endless-MittensClemont stamp by SA948-StampsClassic spyro stamp by rainfrost13Classic Spyro Stamp by RadSpyroOld School Crash Stamp by BritazzyProud Sonic Artist Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiSonic Adventure 2 stamp by MiSAVINNiGHTS Stamp by C-PuffStamp I made by tornandgluedtogetherStamp: KH:3D - Silly Sora by SoraHikariiStamp for Hey Arnold by kitty-the-katI heart CATS::stamp by Katttty920skifcha - Dubstep Hipster Cat by HavickTheLionNyan Cat stamp by YukiMiyasawaFish Stamp For Reveriexx by stamps-clubDinosaur Stamp by Leafbreeze7Reptile Lover .:STAMP:. by Stamps-For-You

LONG CAT IS L by TheWhiteFalcon
OOOOOOONG by TheWhiteFalcon


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Hello there I'm Destiny-The-Hedgimon.I can draw all sorts of different art from Digimon to Spyro The Dragon and other series to creating my own Fan Character's and Original Character's. I can sew my own plushies and also make art from other forms of crafts.

I can be a pretty cool person to talk to once you get to know me,and if we share a couple interest's then we'll get along just fine and we can be really good friends even.If you want i can give you some tips on your art if you ask. I like trying to help out people in any way i can.

I hope you take a good long look at my gallery and front page and if you like what you see then just simply watch me.Who knows maybe i can be your next best friend!Also if you would be so kind can you watch my scraps as well if you are interested in sketches of my newest characters and work in progress art because i am beginning to post them there.

Personal Quotes From ME

"You cannot have my brain,for without it i cannot draw,and without drawing there's no reason to live"


You can find me at

Facebook- I only give this out to people that i have known for awhile and i can trust. If your interested in being friends on Facebook please send me a note… this is my family's Ebay and not just mine

Games that i play online

Pokemon X and Y-If you want to exchange friendcodes please send me a note
Candy Crush
Simpsons Tapped Out-HeatherAllen94
Restaurant Story-HeatherAllen94
Tiny Zoo Friends


Possible Hiatus And Other Stuff

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 29, 2014, 8:25 AM
It has been a few weeks or perhaps even a month since i last visited Deviantart and the internet in general and  i feel real bad about it. I said that i was going to be more active during the summer but i didn't expect the computer would give me SOOOOO many issues all of a sudden D: . The computer gave me issues once in a while in the past but NEVER like this which gives me a good idea that the computer is just about cooked for good this time. We had a spare computer in the basement that we brought upstairs so my mom could use for work and i got stuck still using this computer thats on the verge of death. What's makes it worse is that the computer is in my room now and i no longer have a printer/scanner since my mom took it so I'm really stuck because its interfering with my art now. I could transfer over all my information into the newish computer but its just as slow and screwed up as the one I'm using right now and i consider it just a waste of time. I would LOVE to buy a new computer,but my family can't afford it right now so i haven't been doing much of anything online because of it. I'm trying to convince my parents to get a new one but so far I'm not getting anywhere. If you want an idea of what I'm going through with this computer i had to reset my password on my Deviantart because now the computer can't remember it and i had to change it and it took me 2 HOURS for the pages to load up! 2 hours just for a password change is ridiculous!! And typing out this journal is taking just as long because every 3 or 4 words i type out it gets stuck.

So probably until i get the whole computer thing straightened out i have no choice but to be inactive because it is taking far to long to load up anything and i can't take it anymore. I am a pretty patient person and i can deal with a lot of things but i can't deal with this any longer. I'm either going to get a new computer or I'll give in and transfer all of my information to the other computer. I'll visit Deviantart once in a while,but i probably won't submit much until i get things straightened out.

Other then the computer problems i actually do have some good news. The last journal i made i mentioned that i was going to a convention and i was going to cosplay as Serena from the Pokemon X and Y anime. Well i was able to get the costume done and i am very happy with the results. I'll sort out the pictures on my moms camera so probably in the next few days I'll submit them here so you can see them :) . When i was at the convention i had a lot of people tell me that my costume looked great and people even took photos of me and that made me so happy. I hung out with my buddy :iconmaypleleaf: a couple times since the last time i was online and i hung out with some other friends as well that don't have a Deviantart account.

If you want to stay in touch with me during my Hiatus on Deviantart, I have a Facebook account. If you want to be friends with me on there please comment below or send me a note and I'll give you a link to my Facebook page. I use an IPad to visit Facebook and its pretty fast so i visit it quite often. I would use it to visit Deviantart,but the IPad don't like that site very well and as much as i type here i would never be able to handle it. Also if you play Pokemon X and Y and you would like another trading or battling buddy you can ask for my friendcode. I use Facebook to keep in contact with my Pokemon friends so if we are Facebook friends then that would be great. I like helping out people on Pokemon in any way i can since i can get access to pretty much anything very quickly.

Hopefully the next journal i make will all be good news and i'll be able to become active on this site again.

Journal by Koiremains

All Of My Characters


Dusk The Hedgehog by Destiny-The-HedgimonSome hedgie with no name XD by Destiny-The-HedgimonMirage by Destiny-The-Hedgimon
Collab - Serenity The Wolf by Destiny-The-HedgimonTrixie The Raccoon New Look by Destiny-The-HedgimonTrixter by Destiny-The-Hedgimon
Hack The Raccoon by Destiny-The-HedgimonFeathers Finished by Destiny-The-HedgimonCollab with Rubykicks - Widget The Kangaroo by Destiny-The-Hedgimon

The names are from Left to Right in order...
Dusk The Hedgehog,Dee The Hedgehog,
Mirage The Fox,Serenity The Wolf,Trixie The Raccoon,
Trixter The Raccoon,Hack The Raccoon,
Feather's The Peacock and Widget The Kangaroo.

Soon to be released Dina The Penguin


2 characters coming soon


Agamon MyDigimon Fan Character by Destiny-The-HedgimonDarkAgamon - Another One Of MY Digimon FC'S by Destiny-The-HedgimonCeemon - My Digimon Fan Character by Destiny-The-Hedgimon
Chillmon-My Digimon Fan Character by Destiny-The-HedgimonFeiyumon - Another One Of MY Digimon FC's by Destiny-The-HedgimonDromaemon - My Digimon Fan Character by Destiny-The-Hedgimon
Dilophoesmon - My Digimon FC by Destiny-The-Hedgimon

The names are from Left to Right....

If you want to see there other digivolutions look through my gallery and i might have them drawn

Soon to be released Pomermon,Spotmon,Spikemon and four unnamed Digimon characters


DSB - Danny And Feiyumon by Destiny-The-Hedgimon

The names are from Left to Right....

Soon to be released Cole, Kimmy and Tyler


Frost The Dragon And Bite The DragonFly- My FC's by Destiny-The-HedgimonSugarTheDragon And FlowerTheDragonfly-My Spyro FCs by Destiny-The-HedgimonStaticTheDragon And ShockTheDragonfly-My Spyro FCs by Destiny-The-HedgimonRose The Dragon And Thorn The DragonFly-My FC's by Destiny-The-HedgimonTex The T Rex My Spyro Fan Character-Rough Sketch by Destiny-The-Hedgimon

The names are from Left to Right in order...
Frost The Dragon with Bite The Dragonfly,Sugar The Dragon With Flower The Dragonfly,Static The Dragon With Shock The Dragonfly Rose The Dragon with Thorn The Dragonfly and Tex The T Rex

Soon to be released Spice The Dragon With Ginger The Dragonfly


1 character coming soon


Blaster Raptor-My SEGA Contest Entry by Destiny-The-HedgimonCollab With Rubykicks-Jazz The Cat My OC by Destiny-The-HedgimonBrutis The Lion My OC-FlatColor by Destiny-The-HedgimonJaxon The Tiger My Original Character-Sketch by Destiny-The-Hedgimon

The names are from Left to Right in order...
Blaster Raptor,Jazz, Brutis and Jaxon

Soon to be released Bones,Pyro,Cinnamon,Frosty,Bonne and a female Liger with no name at the moment.


:thumb340564298:CHEAP Salamander and Dragon Adoptables by AdolasImpy The Hedgehog by Destiny-The-Hedgimon

The character's are from left to right in order....
These are Digimon Fan Character's and i adopted number 2 ,The wolf Original Character's i adopted number 14,The Salamander/dragon adoptables i adopted number 2,Impy The Hedgehog, Digimon character named Faemon and a character that doesn't have a picture yet is a Kingdom Hearts Fan Character named Blaine

Soon i hope to draw them all someday and some even a few changes to there design


To My Sonic Friends And Watchers. Did You See The New Sonic Character For The New Sonic Boom Series Yet?? What Do You Think Of Her?? 

4 deviants said She is basically a clone of Marine The Raccoon lol
3 deviants said I think she looks pretty cool :D
2 deviants said I don't like her at all D:
1 deviant said I think she looks alright. I don't like her or hate her
No deviants said… Here are some images of her
No deviants said… In case you didn't know her name, its Sticks and she is a Jungle Badger


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